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December 8, 2009

ive somehow managed to avoid all the twilight madness these past few years. the whole vampire thing just didn’t really make much sense, so i was a bit surprised to find myself at the theatre, watching this movie over the weekend. but hey, i have to admit i was curious to see what all the fuss was all about. as much as i thought i’d hate it and despite being semi-disturbed by Bella’s character, i really couldn’t resist the romantic lure of this movie. as if Bella’s mopiness wasn’t annoying enough, her willingness to give up everything, even her soul, for Edward didn’t help make her a female character i respected.  in the end though, i guess my inner angsty emotional teen won over and I found myself getting drawn into the plot and happy to see how far Bella and Edward would go for their love. oh and Jacob’s shirtless buff bod didn’t hurt either. but I have to admit i’m a team Edward kinda girl…while the whole pasty white vampire skin thing could have been really gross, he’s gorgeous enough to make it work (…and managed to do that even without the british accent). despite being very corny and predictable at times, the movie was full of beautiful scenery and surely an attractive diversion.

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