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surviving the winter weather

December 11, 2009

we’ve had some really frigid temperatures for a good few weeks now, and ive definitely noticed how harsh the cold weather can be on my skin.  after some experimenting with different products, ive found these to be my favorites.  ive switched to philosophy’s hope in a jar facial moisturizer since it does a better job at keeping my face hydrated than my summer-time ones (and doesn’t make it oily, which is a huge plus!) for the body, as soon as i get out of the shower i lather myself in body butter, and then use my new favorite l’occitane moisturizer as needed.  i also recently bought a small travel-sized tube of their shea butter hand cream, which i do not leave the house without!! seriously, it provides instant relief from painful crackly skin.

i also could not live without my humidifier. i have a love-hate relationship with mine because i really think it’s poorly designed and very annoying to re-fill (so i would recommend getting one that can be re-filled from the top & not from the bottom of the chamber), but it is a true lifesaver. i use mine every night while i sleep and it does a great job at keeping my skin moist and prevents dry painful nose syndrome!

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