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fast food

December 14, 2009

so with life being all crazy busy during the holidays, i haven’t had as much time to make nutritionally balanced meals.  here are a few super quick go-to meals that take almost no time to make, are still good for you and delicious:

101cookbook’s ten minute couscous soup:

my lovely sister introduced me to this one last winter and its so simple but still so full of flavor.  all you really need is some kind of stock, couscous, veggies (i like broccoli & cauliflower), tablespoon or so of olive oil, and spices of your choice (i like my soup SPICY, so i load it with cayenne & red pepper flakes).  the great thing about this soup is that you can add in as much or as little as you’d like. 

this is how i like mine:

i keep this veggie base in my fridge.  i really think it taste better than both veggie and chicken stock.  start out by boiling water in a pot, and adding in some of this base.

next you add some olive oil and spices to the boiling stock.  thrown in your veggies of choice.  i only let mine cook for a minute or so, because i dont want to end up with a bowl full of soggy veggies.  then i pour this over a bowl containing some couscous (which is great here because you dont need to cook it beforehand).  i let that sit until the couscous cooks and the veggies soften a bit more.  i also like to add in some ground flaxseeds (enhances flavor and thickens it up).  if i have cheese, i’ll add that too and goat cheese works especially well.  there’s an infinite amount of possible variations here!  i also really like adding in shrimp, which ups the protein content.

although this next version is a bit more processed, its still healthier than eating out.  i keep these thai veggie gyoza (trader joes!) in my freezer as a back-up meal.  if i dont have veggies on hand, i make up the broth and add these instead.  they are so flavorful and satisfying!

cut up some carrots (or whatever you have sitting in your fridge) and throw it in!

the finished product:

enjoy these warming soups on those cold winter nights 🙂

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