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Drunken Fish

March 5, 2010

While Drunken Fish (Maryland Plaza) isn’t my favorite place to go for sushi in St. Louis, it’s a fun loungy-feeling CWE destination for anything from sushi to noodles to karaoke.  I still have fond (and slightly blurry!) memories of the celebratory monday night karaoke that was a regular post-anatomy exam tradition back in first year.  The atmosphere is fun and friendly, and the staff is young, charming, and conversational so you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a pleasant experience.  As far as the food goes, I would say it’s the ideal place to bring someone who is wary of sushi and raw seafood since they have lots of transitional menu options that can ease skeptics into feeling comfortable with the idea of sushi.  While the fish I tried was good, a large proportion of their maki incorporate tempura or cooked fish options.  I love maki, but since I prefer the real deal raw seafood in mine I didn’t find many of these appealing and wished they had more raw rolls.  

As usual I love starting out with a seaweed salad.  

One great thing about DF is that they carry Soju, a Korean distilled rice liquor.  Soju tastes a bit like vodka, but is milder and has a tiny bit of a sweeter finish.  I don’t really know much about the traditions that come with drinking it, but now that I’ve acquired a taste for it I make sure to always order some when I come here as not many places around here serve it. 

Next up some tuna and salmon sashimi.  The salmon tasted excellent and fresh and was the best fish we had that evening, but the tuna happened to be not as smooth and even a bit stringy. 

As for the rolls, I tried the Spicy Tuna and the Rainbow Roll.  Both were good enough, but these rolls are pretty standard and nothing spectacular so there’s not much to say about them.  They did look pretty tho!

Overall you will have a fun and pleasant experience here but don’t expect anything especially innovative or impressive.  Apart from seafood, they have many noodle options which I’ve enjoyed, as well as other classics like teriyaki, rice, and katsu dishes.

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