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I’m Angus Steakhouse

July 23, 2010

On our last day in Sydney we were walking around Darling Harbour and Cockle Bay during lunchtime and decided we needed to sample some native Australian food so we picked the I’m Angus steakhouse that was likely to have some well made kangaroo.  This was my first time having kangaroo and felt soo bad since we just got to pet them at the zoo a few days before, so I just started out with a skewer and got some fish as my main, but I have to say it was very tasty!

kangaroo skewers


We also indulged in some seafood! We got oysters to share and I got a grilled barramundi fillet. It was served with creamy mash, green beans, olive and tomato dressing.  It was a bit odd to eat mashed potatoes with such a light fish and I would have preferred just veggies, but the fish itself was delicious!

grilled barramundi fillet

kangaroo fillet

More kangaroo! This dish was served with basil mash, tomato chutney & balsamic reduction.

I'm Angus Steak House on Urbanspoon

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