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Boardwalk Bar & Bistro

July 24, 2010

We decided to do the touristy thing and have lunch on the boardwalk with a view of the Story Bridge, the Brisbane equivalent of the more famous Harbour Bridge of Sydney.  We randomly chose the Boardwalk Bar & Bistro for its causal outdoor dining style and chilled out after a long morning of walking around the city.  After a few days of eating curries and some heavier food that we had towards the end of the Fiji trip, we were in the mood for something lighter.

kangaroo salad

Back to eating cute creatures! Ben hadn’t had kangaroo yet so he got this salad and agreed it tastes a lot like steak.  This was a spinach and beetroot salad with seared kangaroo, grilled haloumi, pistachios with a wild berry dressing.  The haloumi, which is a Greek cheese made from sheep or goat milk, is much sturdier and can be grilled or cooked at high temperatures without melting away.  It was pretty soft when you bit into it and the flavor is very mild and slightly salty with a bit more of a chew than your typical cheeses. I def want to get some of this to experiment with myself!

salt and pepper squid

The salt and pepper salad was also nice, but the flavors were much more subdued.  It consisted of fried seasoned squid, mesclun lettuce, roasted garlic and chili and lime dressing. This wasn’t the best food we’ve ever had and the restaurant was definitely touristy and a bit overpriced, but we were totally fine with that as long as we got to take in the views during the few hours we had remaining in Brisbane.

Boardwalk Bar and Bistro on Urbanspoon

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