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Brisbane, Australia: Java Coast

July 24, 2010

It was back to Australia after Fiji for the second half of our trip.  Now it was time to explore Queensland and the warmer northern coast.  We flew back to Brisbane, the third largest city in Australia, and explored the city for just one day.  It was a lot smaller than Sydney, but still had a big city feel and everyone we met was extremely friendly! We spent the day doing our own walking tour of the city and even got to see the Parliament house.

We started the day off right with the Big Brekkie at a really cute cafe called Java Coast on George Street in Brisbane.  We even shared this plate because there was just so much bacon it seemed to never end! It was perfectly cooked…with both strip bacon as well as canadian bacon, with two poached eggs, roast tomatoes, and avocados.  Such an incredible combination and kept both of us full all morning!  This cafe was tucked away on a busy main street and we were surprised to find a green luscious garden in the back.  Having just come back from Fiji we were not ready to sit outside in the brisk weather of Brisbane (which was still much warmer than Sydney!) but we imagined it would be a great little garden to escape to on a warmer day.

big brekkie

Java Coast on Urbanspoon

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