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July 24, 2010

When back in Cairns, we decided to treat ourselves to Ochre, one of Cairns’ most well known and highly awarded restaurants.  While the whole city is catered towards tourists, this place had more of an authentic feel.  Again, we decided to get the Australian game platter since we were still being adventurous and wanted to try crocodile and emu.

croc and shrimp

The crocodile was breaded and pan-fried.  The meat itself tasted like chewy tougher chicken and was my least favorite of the game platter.  It was seasoned really well though and the sauce it came with was awesome, so we polished it off.


The emu was my favorite of the three! It was very tender and the strips of meat came in a super rich mushroom sauce with mashed potatoes and a potato fritter.


On the other side of the plate was the kangaroo fillet, which was also made in the mushroom sauce.  I was a bit bored of kangaroo at this point but it was made well and tasted good.  The game platter was so huge though it could have easily been split between three people.

plus a side of yams

I really wanted to try the wattleseed pavolva which is supposed to be amazing, but we were so stuffed and exhausted by the time dessert rolled around we would have fallen asleep at the table waiting for it.  After having wattleseed ice cream up north, I decided this is a must try if we’re ever back in Cairns again!

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  1. August 12, 2010 6:52 pm

    The kangaroo was by far superior in both taste and texture. :-p

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