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December 30, 2009
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one of the things i miss most about nyc is amazing brick oven pizza and everytime i come back i try to hit up my favorite pizza places.  John’s Pizza on bleecker was what i grew up eating and have always considered it THE best pizza in all of nyc.  and trust me ive tried too many other places and none even come close.  unfortunately, it seems like im not the only one with this love for john’s and nowadays the place is always packed with tourists, making it hard to just drop in for a pie like we used to.  yesterday we waited outside in the cold for almost 45minutes to get a table…and this was for a really late lunch, thinking that we were avoiding the long waits by going during off-peak hours.  i have to admit that it was still soooo worth it.  the pizza was just as i remembered…paper thin crust, topped with the most flavorful sauce and drizzled with just the right amount of cheese.  when it comes out of the oven it’s steamy hot, nice and soft on the inside, and gets crispy near the edges…absolute perfection and every bite is just pure bliss!! definitely a must try for anyone who loves pizza and especially for all you sauce lovers out there.

time-worn booths

come to me my love

till next time…

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