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Nando’s Peri-Peri

January 11, 2010

Nando’s always makes me so nostalgic for my year abroad in Cambridge, England.  While at Cam, we used to go here ALL the time for their cheap and delicious chicken and spicy Peri-peri sauce.  You can just imagine how excited I was when I found out the chain was expanding to the US, with two branches now open in Washington, DC.  Since I doubt Nando’s will be making it to St. Louis anytime soon, I make sure to get my fill while Im there.  Its so special that we even chose to eat here for our last meal of 2009 (actually I chose, and insisted :))

Nando’s specializes in flame-grilled Afro-Portuguese style chicken.  The Peri-peri spice, made form the African Bird’s Eye Chilli, was originally introduced to the Portuguese in Africa.  The chain itself started in South Africa, and exists in 34 countries all over the world, only making it to the US in 2008.  

Nando’s in Dupont Circle.  I liked the Dupont location more than the Chinatown one.  It felt less chain-y and had a nice atmosphere. 

upstairs seating

The best part is that they make their sauces in varying degrees of spiciness:

obviously the extra hot was mine 🙂

Sangria is pretty good too!

I always get the chicken breast sandwich, but everyone insists the grilled chicken plates are tastier.  But I just love how saucy the sandwiches are.  Also, it’s *SUPER* important that you sprinkle your fries with the Peri-Peri spice (spice, not sauce).  This picture was taken before I acquired some…here in the US you have to ask for it. 

with some of my favorite girlies! what a great chickalicious evening 🙂

Luckily, for those of us not in DC, Nando’s sauce is sold in stores! I found some at Whole Foods and can make my own version of peri-peri chicken or peri-peri anything anytime I want.  If you happen to pick some up, you should give their Flame Grilled Chicken recipe a try:

Nando’s Internationally Acclaimed Peri-Peri Flame Grilled Chicken

1 Whole Fryer Chicken (approx 3 lbs)
1 bottle Nando’s Hot Peri-Peri Pepper Sauce

1) Butterfly chicken (Split Breast bone & Pound lightly to flatten chicken).

2) Place butterflied chicken in a large zip lock bag and add 1 bottle Nando’s Garlic Pepper Sauce. Marinate in bag for 30 minutes (or up to 3 days), refrigerated.

3) Prepare BBQ (medium heat). Grill until chicken is cooked through, turning occasionally and basting with additional pepper sauce, approximately 45 – 60 minutes.

Alternatively, you can roast the chicken as well.  Enjoy!

While there are tons of great restaurants in DC, I recommend trying Nando’s, especially if you’re on a budget.  
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  1. March 5, 2010 7:13 am

    oh! I love this place and his grilled chicken…. I came to Washington last summer and I fell in love with Peri Peri sauce…. but I can’t find it in Italy! I have to come back! very nice place!

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